Примечания к релизу Axiom JDK 8u262+10

Данный релиз соответствует OpenJDK 8u262, номер билда Axiom JDK - 8u262+10.

Axiom JDK 8u262+10

Пожалуйста, прочитайте примечания к релизуOracle JDK 8 для получения дополнительной информации о функциях JDK 8. В этом документе дополнительно описываются особенности дистрибутива Axiom по сравнению с Oracle JDK 8.

Поддерживаемые серверные и десктопные конфигурации

Axiom поддерживается в следующих ОС:

  • Ubuntu Linux 14.04, 16.04, 18.04 (x86_64, x86, ARMv8*)
  • Debian Linux 8, 9 (x86_64, x86, ARMv8*)
  • Red Hat, Oracle Linux, CentOS 5.5+, 6.x, 7.x (x86_64, x86, ARMv8*)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, 15, tumbleweed (x86_64, ARMv8*)
  • Alpine Linux x86_64 (64-bit версия для Alpine Linux с libc MUSL)
  • Apple macOS 10.11+ (64 bit only)
  • Solaris 10.9+ (SPARC, x86_64)*
  • Microsoft Windows 2019, Windows 2016, Windows 2012 R2, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32 bit, 64 bit)

* - версия не поддерживает Client VM

Примечание: минимальная поддерживаемая версия ядра Linux - 2.6.18, версия GLIBC - 2.5. AxiomFX работает на всех поддерживаемых версиях Ubuntu, семействе Red Hat Linux начиная с версии 7.x и SUSE с бэкэндом GTK2.

Поставка Axiom 8 JDK и JRE

Axiom JDK и JRE распространяются в виде .msi, .dmg, .deb, .rpm, .zip и .tar.gz. Пожалуйста, выберите формат, который наиболее подходит для ваших целей.

  • Используйте Axiom JDK, если вашему приложению требуется javac или другие инструменты и службы, отсутствующие в JRE, или вы хотите использовать jlink для создания урезанной версии Java Runtime для ваших конкретных потребностей.
  • Используйте Axiom JRE для всех других целей.

Axiom 8 содержит весь функционал, поддерживаемый OpenJDK 8.

По умолчанию Axiom использует серверную виртуальную машину (Server VM). Серверная виртуальная машина и клиентская виртуальная машина могут быть включены с помощью параметров командной строки -server и -client соответственно. В случае, если требуется минимальный размер среды исполенения, можно использовать Minimal VM, которая оптимизирована по размеру. Minimal VM имеет только компилятор C1 JIT, Serial GC и не имеет функционала Serviceability. Minimal VM можно включить параметром командной строки -minimal.

Версии Axiom 8 для Linux x86_64, Linux x86, Apple macOS x86_64, Microsoft Windows x86_64 и x86 содержат AxiomFX. В macOS AxiomFX работает, начиная с 10.10+.


BellSoft Axiom содержит исправления уязвимостей Oracle Java SE. Пожалуйста, обратитесь к документации Oracle для получения деталей о проблемах, исправленных в данной версии.

Дефекты, исправленные в этом релизе

Issue Description
4949105 Access Bridge lacks html tags parsing
7147060 com/sun/org/apache/xml/internal/security/transforms/ClassLoaderTest.java doesn’t run in agentvm mode
8028431 NullPointerException in DerValue.equals(DerValue)
8028591 NegativeArraySizeException in sun.security.util.DerInputStream.getUnalignedBitString()
8030680 292 cleanup from default method code assessment
8035633 TEST_BUG: java/net/NetworkInterface/Equals.java and some tests failed on windows intermittently
8037866 Replace the Fun class in tests with lambdas
8041626 Shutdown tracing event
8041915 Move 8 awt tests to OpenJDK regression tests tree
8067796 (process) Process.waitFor(timeout, unit) doesn’t throw NPE if timeout is less than, or equal to zero when unit == null
8076475 Misuses of strncpy/strncat
8087498 [Mac] Full screen mode fails for certain StageStyles
8130737 AffineTransformOp can’t handle child raster with non-zero x-offset
8141056 Erroneous assignment in HeapRegionSet.cpp
8146612 C2: Precedence edges specification violated
8148886 SEGV in sun.java2d.marlin.Renderer._endRendering
8149338 JVM Crash caused by Marlin renderer not handling NaN coordinates
8150986 serviceability/sa/jmap-hprof/JMapHProfLargeHeapTest.java failing because expects HPROF JAVA PROFILE 1.0.1 file format
8151582 (ch) test java/nio/channels/AsyncCloseAndInterrupt.java failing due to “Connection succeeded”
8160464 Application.getHostServices throws ClassNotFoundException
8165675 Trace event for thread park has incorrect unit for timeout
8170624 [Mac] HostServices.showDocument() throws IllegalAccessException
8171934 ObjectSizeCalculator.getEffectiveMemoryLayoutSpecification() does not recognize OpenJDK’s HotSpot VM
8172559 [PIT][TEST_BUG] Move @test to be 1st annotation in java/awt/image/Raster/TestChildRasterOp.java
8172658 Need to check the return value of GetPrimitiveArrayCritical before using it
8176182 4 security tests are not run
8178374 Problematic ByteBuffer handling in CipherSpi.bufferCrypt method
8178910 Problemlist sample tests
8181476 [macos] Stages with StageStyle.UTILITY are always on-top when initialized without an owner
8181841 A TSA server returns timestamp with precision higher than milliseconds
8183925 Decouple crash protection from watcher thread
8187149 Remove HostServices::getWebContext
8189092 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on Linux in getCachedGlyph
8191393 Random crashes during cfree+0x1c
8196969 JTreg Failure: serviceability/sa/ClhsdbJstack.java causes NPE
8199357 Remove references to applets and Java Web Start from FX
8202393 App Transport Security blocks http media on macOS with JDK build using new compilers
8202578 Revisit location for class unload events
8203287 Zero fails to build after JDK-8199712 (Flight Recorder)
8205516 JFR tool
8207829 FlightRecorderMXBeanImpl is leaking the first classloader which calls it
8209960 -Xlog:jfr* doesn’t work with the JFR
8210024 JFR calls virtual is_Java_thread from ~Thread()
8210776 Upgrade X Window System 6.8.2 to the latest XWD 1.0.7
8211239 Build fails without JFR: empty JFR events signatures mismatch
8212034 Potential memory leaks in jpegLoader.c in error case
8212232 Wrong metadata for the configuration of the cutoff for old object sample events
8213015 Inconsistent settings between JFR.configure and -XX:FlightRecorderOptions
8213421 Line number information for execution samples always 0
8213617 JFR should record the PID of the recorded process
8213734 SAXParser.parse(File, ..) does not close resources when Exception occurs.
8213914 [TESTBUG] Several JFR VM events are not covered by tests
8213917 [TESTBUG] Shutdown JFR event is not covered by test
8213966 The ZGC JFR events should be marked as experimental
8214542 JFR: Old Object Sample event slow on a deep heap in debug builds
8214750 Unnecessary <p> tags in jfr classes
8214896 JFR Tool left files behind
8214906 [TESTBUG] jfr/event/sampling/TestNative.java fails with UnsatisfiedLinkError
8214925 JFR tool fails to execute
8215175 Inconsistencies in JFR event metadata
8215237 jdk.jfr.Recording javadoc does not compile
8215284 Reduce noise induced by periodic task getFileSize()
8215355 Object monitor deadlock with no threads holding the monitor (using jemalloc 5.1)
8215362 JFR GTest JfrTestNetworkUtilization fails
8215771 The jfr tool should pretty print reference chains
8216064 -XX:StartFlightRecording:settings= doesn’t work properly
8216486 Possibility of integer overflow in JfrThreadSampler::run()
8216528 test/jdk/java/rmi/transport/runtimeThreadInheritanceLeak/RuntimeThreadInheritanceLeak.java failing with Xcomp
8216559 [JFR] Native libraries not correctly parsed from /proc/self/maps
8216578 Remove unused/obsolete method in JFR code
8216995 Clean up JFR command line processing
8217744 [TESTBUG] JFR TestShutdownEvent fails on some systems due to process surviving SIGINT
8217748 [TESTBUG] Exclude TestSig test case from JFR TestShutdownEvent
8218935 Make jfr strncpy uses GCC 8.x friendly
8220293 Deadlock in JFR string pool
8223147 JFR Backport
8223298 SVG patterns are drawn wrong
8224172 assert(jfr_is_event_enabled(id)) failed: invariant
8224475 JTextPane does not show images in HTML rendering
8225068 Remove DocuSign root certificate that is expiring in May 2020
8225069 Remove Comodo root certificate that is expiring in May 2020
8226253 JAWS reports wrong number of radio buttons when buttons are hidden.
8226779 [TESTBUG] Test JFR API from Java agent
8226892 ActionListeners on JRadioButtons don’t get notified when selection is changed with arrow keys
8227011 Starting a JFR recording in response to JVMTI VMInit and / or Java agent premain corrupts memory
8227269 Slow class loading when running with JDWP
8227605 Kitchensink fails “assert((((klass)->trace_id() & (JfrTraceIdEpoch::leakp_in_use_this_epoch_bit())) != 0)) failed: invariant”
8229366 JFR backport allows unchecked writing to memory
8229401 Fix JFR code cache test failures
8229708 JFR backport code does not initialize
8229873 8229401 broke jdk8u-jfr-incubator
8229888 (zipfs) Updating an existing zip file does not preserve original permissions
8229899 Make java.io.File.isInvalid() less racy
8230448 [test] JFRSecurityTestSuite.java is failing on Windows
8230597 Update GIFlib library to the 5.2.1
8230613 Better ASCII conversions
8230707 JFR related tests are failing
8230769 BufImg_SetupICM add ReleasePrimitiveArrayCritical call in early return
8230782 Robot.createScreenCapture() fails if ?awt.robot.gtk? is set to false
8230856 Java_java_net_NetworkInterface_getByName0 on unix misses ReleaseStringUTFChars in early return
8230926 [macosx] Two apostrophes are entered instead of one with “U.S. International - PC” layout
8230947 TestLookForUntestedEvents.java is failing after JDK-8230707
8231800 Better listing of arrays
8231995 two jtreg tests failed after 8229366 is fixed
8232014 Expand DTD support
8232811 Dialog’s preferred size no longer accommodates multi-line strings
8233197 Invert JvmtiExport::post_vm_initialized() and Jfr:on_vm_start() start-up order for correct option parsing
8233255 Better Swing Buttons
8233623 Add classpath exception to copyright in EventHandlerProxyCreator.java file
8233880 Support compilers with multi-digit major version numbers
8234032 Improve basic calendar services
8234042 Better factory production of certificates
8234418 Better parsing with CertificateFactory
8234474 [macos 10.15] Crash in file dialog in sandbox mode
8234836 Improve serialization handling
8234916 [macos 10.15] Garbled text running with native-image
8236002 CSR for JFR backport suggests not leaving out the package-info
8236008 Some backup files were accidentally left in the hotspot tree
8236074 Missed package-info
8236174 Should update javadoc since tags
8236191 Enhance OID processing
8236685 [macOs] Remove obsolete file dialog subclasses
8236832 [macos 10.15] JavaFX Application hangs on video play on Cata…
8236971 [macos] Gestures handled incorrectly due to missing events
8236996 Incorrect Roboto font rendering on Windows with subpixel antialiasing
8237078 [macOS] Media build broken on XCode 11
8237117 Better ForkJoinPool behavior
8237592 Enhance certificate verification
8237782 Only read advances up to the minimum of the numHorMetrics or the available font data.
8237833 Check glyph size before adding to glyph texture cache
8237889 Update libxml2 to version 2.9.10
8237944 webview native cl “-m32” unknown option for windows 32-bit build
8238002 Better matrix operations
8238076 Fix OpenJDK 7 Bootstrap Broken by JFR Backport
8238249 GetPrimitiveArrayCritical passed with hardcoded FALSE value
8238434 Ensemble: Update version of Lucene to 7.7.2
8238434 Ensemble: Update version of Lucene to 7.7.2 (fix LINUX.fontT2K.ccFlags)
8238452 Keytool generates wrong expiration date if validity is set to 2050/01/01
8238555 Allow Initialization of SunPKCS11 with NSS when there are external FIPS modules in the NSSDB
8238589 Necessary code cleanup in JFR for JDK8u
8238590 Enable JFR by default during compilation in 8u
8238804 Enhance key handling process
8238842 AIOOBE in GIFImageReader.initializeStringTable
8238843 Enhanced font handing
8238920 Better Buffer support
8238925 Enhance WAV file playback
8239055 Wrong implementation of VMState.hasListener
8239107 Update libjpeg to version 9d
8239476 JDK-8238589 broke windows build by moving OrderedPair
8239479 minimal1 and zero builds are failing
8239852 java/util/concurrent tests fail with -XX:+VerifyGraphEdges: assert(!VerifyGraphEdges) failed: verification should have failed
8239867 correct over use of INCLUDE_JFR macro
8240119 Less Affine Transformations
8240375 Disable JFR by default for July 2020 release
8240482 Improved WAV file playback
8240576 JVM crashes after transformation in C2 IdealLoopTree::merge_many_backedges
8240694 [macos 10.15] JavaFX Media hangs on some video files on Catalina
8241108 Glib improvements
8241370 Crash in JPEGImageLoader after fix for JDK-8212034
8241379 Update JCEKS support
8241444 Metaspace::_class_vsm not initialized if compressed class pointers are disabled
8241474 Build failing on Ubuntu 20.04
8241476 Linux build warnings issued on gcc 9
8241522 Manifest improved jar headers redux
8241629 [macos10.15] Long startup delay playing media over https on Catalina
8241638 launcher time metrics always report 1 on Linux when _JAVA_LAUNCHER_DEBUG set
8241750 x86_32 build failure after JDK-8227269
8241902 AIX Build broken after integration of JDK-8223147 (JFR Backport)
8242106 [macos] Remove obsolete GlassView2D.m class
8242136 Better XML namespace handling
8242209 Increase web native thread stack size for x86 mode
8242490 Upgrade to gcc 9.2 on Linux
8242530 [macos] Some audio files miss spectrum data when another audio file plays first
8242788 Non-PCH build is broken after JDK-8191393
8242883 Incomplete backport of JDK-8078268: backport test part
8243059 Build fails when –with-vendor-name contains a comma
8243474 [TESTBUG] removed three tests of 0 bytes
8243539 Copyright info (Year) should be updated for fix of 8241638
8243541 (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020a
8244407 JVM crashes after transformation in C2 IdealLoopTree::split_fall_in
8244461 [JDK 8u] Build fails with glibc 2.32
8244548 JDK 8u: sun.misc.Version.jdkUpdateVersion() returns wrong result
8244579 Windows “User Objects” leakage with WebView
8244777 ClassLoaderStats VM Op uses constant hash value
8244843 JapanEraNameCompatTest fails
8245167 Top package in method profiling shows null in JMC
8245422 Better Pisces rasterizing
8246223 Windows build fails after JDK-8227269
8247360 Add missing license file for Microsoft DirectShow Samples
8248399 Build installs jfr binary when JFR is disabled
8248715 New JavaTimeSupplementary localisation for ‘in’ installed in wrong package
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